Fatal Error

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  • Fatal Error

    Error:Message: SQL Error: Table './corrado_uni@002d12/uni1_fleets' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

    Code: LOCK TABLE uni1_aks WRITE, uni1_rw WRITE, uni1_messages WRITE,
    uni1_config WRITE, uni1_fleets WRITE, uni1_planets WRITE, uni1_planets
    as p WRITE, uni1_topkb WRITE, uni1_users WRITE, uni1_users as u WRITE,
    uni1_statpoints WRITE, `uni1_b_specships` WRITE,`uni1_users_building`
    WRITE,`uni1_asteroids_config` WRITE;
    File: /home/corrado/domains/corrado-game.org/public_html/twelve/includes/classes/class.MySQLi.php
    Line: 71
    URL: twelve.corrado-game.org/game.php
    PHP-Version: 5.6.33
    PHP-API: apache2handler
    2Moons Version: 1.1.
    Debug Backtrace:
    #0 ./includes/FleetHandler.php(50): DB_mysqli->query('LOCK TABLE uni1...')
    #1 ./includes/common.php(115): require('/home/corrado/d...')
    #2 ./game.php(36): require('/home/corrado/d...')
    #3 {main}