Research queue changed by attack ? or harvest ?

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  • Research queue changed by attack ? or harvest ?

    This is a little/nonfatal bug I've never seen or noticed before.

    Last night, I had a research queue running. I planned a time I would check in to see there is enough resources.
    Best way to do that is start a large (long) research, a few small ones, then a long one again. When the small research
    is broken, there is no problem. And the time can be checked and planned.

    Now.. I set up: Impuls engine 21 (a long run) and Computer Technology 21 (short) and combustion engine 18 (short) and I logged in about the time
    Computer Technology 21 started. This research Computer 21 is about 6 minutes.

    When I logged in, I saw an attack coming 3:40 min. Also on the planet with the research. I could not ninja the attack, so I harvested all resources away from the planet.

    Then I returned to the research lab and I saw this:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Notice, the research time for Computer is bzirk. One hour 16 !? It is supposed to be 6 minutes. And.. the end times do not match.
    The report sais the first research is ending 1:55, the second is ending 0:40 ! Time warp night ! I cancelled the queue.

    It seems.. the research queue was somehow affected by the attack.. or.. by the harvest.. but it did not break with harvest.. like it SHOULD do.

    Instead, the research was set on a very long time (?)

    I can imagine this bug is difficult to understand.. let alone solve !