Question about DM collecting and Trader presets.

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    • Question about DM collecting and Trader presets.

      Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to this so I have two questions.

      First, for DM missions, do you get more DM from expeditions if you send a larger fleet and increase the hold time? Or is it all relatively random?

      Also, are fleet presets going to be added to the trader in UNI 11 as seen in the Tutorial/FAQ? I can never seem to allocate the points properly without getting the NaN at the bottom.

      IG Username: YungRich (uni11)


    • Hello sir welcom here

      for expeditions and DM search the duration doesn't matter that much when your serious in finding DM vote every day when ever posible when you reach a certain amount whit votes you will be rewarded whit vote bonus --- more info hit the read- more buttin in the vote page --- this will give u enough Dm to play the game.

      the trader presets are for premium members only so you need premium to see them. and for the premium to work proper is simpl

      hit whatever you like and always before you hit trade hit the "rest" button under Deuterium and your trade will be ok
      Grtz Corrado