Halloween 2016

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  • Halloween 2016

    Halloween 2016
    [Blocked Image: https://i.imagebanana.com/img/mqm3u6h7/ScreenShot102216.PNG]

    Like last year want to celebrate this whit you all and there for we set up some nice discounts in game for you all !!

    Premium accounts prices lowered whit 30%
    luck7 price lowered whit 30%
    Daily Bonus lowered whit 30%
    Relocate Planet/Moon lowered whit 30%

    This is nice but whit when you don't have DarkMatter this is useless so we will give all of you 50.000 DarkMatter - and 50 Lottery-Tickets

    To help you all even more to spend it in game we reset the timers of the daily and luck7.

    And for extra Bonus -- during this Event (1) the luck7 Bonus will have a cool-down of only 48H !!


    You wanted to Buy some DM ! but still not decided to do so !! during the event (1)
    there is a Bonus of 30% over all DarkMatter packages.


    Like always thank you all for playing whit use !!

    (1) Note: This event will run till 01-11-2016
    Grtz Corrado