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  • ccxx -

    Shhht. Research queue was switched off.. Buttons are gone in 11 !

    .. pls stop crying BTB !! you're pissing off our hard working admin with your negative SHIT on this forum.. NO, energy on moons is badly managed, it doesn't work but you don't really need it, so why bother ?

    "if I stay logged in then I have an issue."

    ​NO, WRONG AGAIN. The premium second research go does not work properly when you log off and come back in. When you stay ON, there is no problem at all with the second research go, I have just TESTED that properly to be sure and I have used it all week, being ON LINE. But of course.. BTB dont want to be in game, BTB wants to complain on the forum. Use tickets instead pal, or stop p(l)aying.. LEAVE, if you don't like it ..