• Good Morning Comunity,
      good morning Corrado Raiders, Farmers and Miners :thumbsup: ,

      A big Pandemia has fallen over U 19 !

      Since a few days the number of points from the aktive players don t grow anymore.
      A kind of desease has come over all.
      Those who are growing are making 100 X less points than before.
      Before myself i made a 1000 and now its only 24 :cursing:
      This is 98% less than in healthy times.
      The situation is very thick.

      We need masks, gloves, desinfektion liquids, a quick 5 point plan, vacunations and more.
      But what we most need for the moment is the ATTENTION of our Primeminister !!!

      - unvalid Ultra Transporter ( speed, power)
      - farms with amazing growing deff
      - extremly high deut costs
      - no epeditions possible ( just losses)
      - the already spent DM ( myself 4x 30 days) thrown right into the dustbin cause i cant fly
      - amazing Deut lost cause of experiments to try to farm ( cccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

      This situation is really a desaster !!!
      We need quick help.
      Imagine that yesterday i had to take my gigarecycler to farm a inaktive (without deff) farm ( only a few left) in order to get
      a few ress to built a mini kristallmine.
      The situation is really a shame.
      @ Corrado please do something !!!!
      Until today my account costed 120 Euros.
      Nobody is making any points.
      it is a PANDEMIA believe me.