Popeye sais goodbye to Corrado game

    • Popeye sais goodbye to Corrado game

      Hi Folks,

      I have left vacation mode in Uni-17 (rank 3) and Uni-18 (rank 7)
      You are all free to raid my treasures, or find my fleet !

      The decision to leave Corrado game has nothing to do with ingame things, or with Corrado server. Quality of service from Admin was always great and it was my pleasure
      to help testing in the early days !

      Our game is a great game.. it has provided me with a certain regularity in life, in times that I missed that. I have enjoyed playing for many years, since uni-3.

      As I've recently started my own company, I have no time to keep up with the game anymore.. ||

      I wish Corrado Admin, all players and especially Angry Birds players an active game in 2021

      Greets, :thumbup: