Meaningful expeditions

    • Meaningful expeditions

      In this game, expeditions are a joke :D

      Today we found the remains of an expedition 6 light fighters

      A small amount of DM was found (DM 77)

      Six light fighters ? maybe in 2008 on the first evening of gameplay I would be happy.. 77 DM ? That is about 1/10 of one vote !

      Why not have BIG and RISKY expeditions like this....

      "Your expedition encountered a deadly virus that infected your planet's population. Energy was set to zero and all sats are lost."

      "As a result of launch failure of your expedition, one of your ships crashed into a metal mine. Damage one Metal level"

      "Friendly aliens worshipped your ships crew like their Gods and they gave us a present ! gain 2000 DM"

      "Alien pirats accompanied your DM investigation back to your moon. All fleet on your moon was lost, defenses got damaged."

      "An ancient battle star appears on the location of the expedition, it was found abandoned, but its fuel was harvested. Gain 2000 DM"

      "Your expedition found cute intelligent aliens looking like teddy bears. Alas, on the way back they destroyed your moon and stole your planet resources."

      "Einsteinian relativity limits have allowed your crew to harvest for weeks. They found 3Q+ cristal."

    • yes expedition is old like the rest of the game hahaha

      we stopped the development of the game we keep game online for u all to play

      we have put so many hours in cheating players that we are done with it we create something new and as a bonus on top of all the
      work we get someone that only wants to destroy the game and the fun of others .

      we hoop to keep game alive for some years but in the end we will stop when there are no more players to play the game
      Grtz Corrado
    • In the end, a "strategy" like that will probably kill the game anyway.

      Why let the agenda be set by cheaters ? it is your decision.. but.. there are dozens of honest players active atm :(

      Just take into account I'm not talking about major changes.. just put 000000000 after the constants involved in recovering ships.. that would make it more fun !
    • last days we being busy testing it but we are still not satisfied with the results and like u all know expeditions take time so the testing is slow preces
      but wanted to let u know i am still working on it

      we also try to fix the combat reports made by the expeditions but this seems to be a hard one
      Grtz Corrado
    • Looks better !

      Your fleet has returned again from the expedition.
      They found (Dark matter)475 but the ships deformed and were scrapped.
      the Dark matter was saved.

      We have found a deserted pirate base. Some old ships are located in the hangar still. Is have a look at our technicians, whether still to use some of this.
      Light Cargo: 1.074.387.373.300.225