Strange Times ! for all of us

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    • Strange Times ! for all of us

      Hello to u all

      we live in strange times now that most countries have closed their borders and most of us have to live inside our homes !
      In the battle against the Coronavirus,many of us are bound to their homes, so therefore we have set a bonus on all Darkmatter options of 30%

      All players get:

      25.000 Darkmatter
      20 lottery tickets
      all timers reset Lucky7-Daily-Fleet-trader

      we like to wish you and your family good health & happiness !!
      Grtz Corrado
    • Yes Corrado, it feels like you're at war. I'm starting to seriously think that our predecessors, the dinosaurs, didn't disappear for a meteor, but for a virus. We're glad you at least keep us company. Even if the players seem a bit dozing, this virtual world gives us the impression that something remains immutable.
      I wish you and all the players well in their lives.
      May the force be with us.