mari should be banned

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  • mari should be banned

    Last year we had a player named "mari" in uni-15 who suddenly became #1 with an account 12.000 times #2, all building records etc..

    He cannot play the game.. so top-10 started raiding him and the ranks got messed up. An attack ban and a backup restore was needed.

    Now.. we have a player again named "mari" in uni-16 who does the same. Same guy.. only this time, he was (W) so the ranks could not be messed up.

    When bug use occurs once, and the player is polite, admin could choose to correct the account and not ban the player.

    But this was the SECOND TIME this happened with "mari". Only mari has these sudden giant jumps. He found a trick ?

    When mari would be honest, he would NOT spend the cheat res, but put it on a colony and destroy the colony. Instead he spends, takes building
    and research records and spoils the game for top 10 players.

    I propose to perm-ban his IP address. The man is a cheater. Simple case.

    || ccxx/popeye