Uni15 the new December game opens 14 Dec /setup/

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    • Uni15 the new December game opens 14 Dec /setup/

      Good day to u all

      we going to setup the new December 2018 game
      Below the settings we made for this new game the greatest chances till now are:
      Note: Uni15 is a copy of Uni14

      resources-speed - fleet /defense to debris - Jump gate charge - alliance members

      Overall Game Speed X 99.999
      Fleet Speed X 50
      Resources speed X


      Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 65 %
      Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 15 %


      Galaxys 9
      systems 300
      planets 15


      min planets player 1
      max planets player 30
      (for each 2 levels of Expedition Research + 1 colony)


      moon chance 20% = light fighter amount
      Jump gate charge 30.min


      Max alliance members 7


      Minimum period of vacation mode 48 hours max 30 days

      so till game starts this can be changed but once game is officially opened the settings are fixed.

      The game will be open for registration soon and accounts created before the official game launch will receive
      50.000 DarkMatter on their accounts.

      Game will start Friday 14 December 18:00 server time (Gmt+1)

      We Hope to see you all there when game starts.

      Grtz Corrado
    • So Less than 48H remaining till the start of uni15 - the treat is seen by 270+ potential players and
      till now no one posted a comment so this means we are on the right track i hoop with this latest edition to Corrado-Game :thumbsup:

      Pleas when you have a remark drop it here till the game starts and we can see if and how we can help u

      Gtz corrado
      Grtz Corrado