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    • So people I really feel a bit deceived by CorradoI was ranked # 1 in Fleet, Research, Defense and will be spared if I attacked an Active player ... and his reasoning was that it was a bug because there were too many ress he had .... hm seriously in the game there were still little ress I made 50Q German day and then it is a bug if I take someone 18Q ... fool ...then I just really see the player Evolution BugUsing! (rule 5) Oct 21 2018 20:35:18 Jan 19 2038 03:14:07 corrado was locked okay so that's why and if he is locked he goes in U-mode everything okay but he was locked on 21:10 and the acc was on 29.10 attacked by the same person1, the admin put him fleet that can attack2 he has taken the locked acc from the u-mode it can not be another3 is more than fraudI put in my place 1 acc the money was put in and then it is locked because I had the most points VERARSCHE look yourself in and then http: // fourteen / CombatReport.php? raport = d29ef8edc6f7ab72So I think it's very ridiculous by the admin Corrado I told him that they can take me away from the ress because I did not have that it was a bug but no he locks my acc and gives others the possibility NEN acc acc to attack what should the shit ???
    • Hahaha many read and no one answers to a cheater - you're one of the players that send me a complaint for everything

      you posted a ticket for suspected cheating 12 times in 1 year. . . . so for someone that's is so paranoid on cheating of someone else your
      a real piece of work to bitch here and cry like a spoild kid.
      Grtz Corrado