[img] link broken / Fun tread removed

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    • [img] link broken / Fun tread removed

      Hello All

      we have had some problems in the forum and there fore it was down or incomplete

      We saw that all pic links where broken and could not find out why so we wanted to install forum new and place the old?this forum in a archive
      but once we installed the new forum we saw the same error.

      after long searching we found out that it was a security measure the forum provider uploaded in a software update :cursing: - basically it isn't showing links outside corrado-game
      all pic's hosted on our own server have no problems but all pic's url outside corrado-game are blocked.

      we searched for a workaround this issue but till now there isn't one .

      for this reason we removed the fun/youtube tread will there is noting to see there than text links sadly ?(

      we hoop the function will be restored one time
      Grtz Corrado