Better Placement of the offer-page (Earn Free DarkMatter)

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    • Better Placement of the offer-page (Earn Free DarkMatter)

      Hello All

      We where noticed by the Paymentwall development team that the offer page had not seen any new free Dm completions.
      in more than a year so there for we decided to make the access to the page easier and better to find
      to do this we moved the Darkmatter-shop out of the special-features menu and in a menu of there own like this

      "The offer Pages"(Earn Free DM) users cane choose among a wide range of offers (surveys, email signups, videos, etc..) and be rewarded after they've completed the offer/s of their choice.

      the offers are personalized to the country the user is located so there is something to find for all of u !

      good luck whit it

      Grtz Corrado