Strange game message about pull

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  • Strange game message about pull

    21. 2018, 10:16:08
    Global Message

    Warning Bug found !!
    when you recall a deployment mission it will get stuck on arrival back on the planet/moon.
    so pleas dont use it we need to look for it and fix it asap
    thank you all for understanding
    grtz corrado

    Tested it. Every mission... when pulled, your fleet will NOT land back on the planet or moon.

    A fleet pull embargo will kill the game. No attacker would risk when he can't pull and there is no fleet save.

    For uni-13, I propose to undo the recent changes in the game code solving the doubling errors. There is no doubling in 13 and when this is the consequence, the cure is worse than the disease anyway.

    EDIT: my pulled fleet save returned ok. It was 24 hours on pull. I did some more testing.. login logout does not help. Short pulls suddenly reappear.. so the fleet is not really lost. Return time is wrong (??)

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  • Been testing ..

    I think I know what goes wrong with the pull. And how you to get around this bug, as a player.
    Ships return, but NOT on the pull time they supposed to return.

    When you pull, the pull return is not calculated. Instead the fleet returns at the time the forward fleet would have reached the target planet.

    Example: deploy nemesis from 1:55 to 1:56 fly time 5:15 min.
    After 1:00 min, pull your fleet. It should return after 1:00 min :)
    Fleet will return after 4:15 min, which is 5:15 - 1:00

    During this 4:15 min, you see a strange time in Fleet overview.

    Now do the same and pull back after 2:37 min. Exactly halfway. No problem, fleet returns ok.
    This also works on any time past half way. When you pull then, fleet will return properly, at the time indicated.

    Soo.. 1) fleets are not lost and 2) your fleets return on the proper time, when you pull AFTER the halfway point.