Fleet / Doubling / Update

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    • Fleet / Doubling / Update

      we worked hard to solve the problem and we are happy to inform u all that the errors we had are all solved now and the new system is now installed in uni9
      we want to test it here first and when all seems ok the rest of the game will follow short after it !

      Fixes done this update:

      - fleet/resources doubling on return to planet/moon.
      - the link in spy-report (attack whit evo-transporter) puts now in the right number.
      - moon destruction (when says 47% possibility of fleet destruction) this is accurate so complete fleet can be destroyed !! (Watch out !!!)

      small edited: when scrolling down in a page -button to top appears bottom right in all pages.

      so lets wait few days and than upload to the rest of the games
      Grtz Corrado