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  • ..built some fleet from my day res to attack someone back (you will read this :P :D )

    gotta fleet doubling !!

    Deployed to moon: 58Q lf and 1.9kT nemesis, on the moon it is now....

    Light Fighter

    Two messages 04. 2018, 17:30:44

    Your fleet reaches the planet [2:xx:6]
    and delivers 6.098.940.013.981.900.382.142.464 Metal,
    227.880.825.156.649.984.458.752 Crystal and
    2.975.341.253.432.605.461.423.587.328 Deuterium.

    I'll use half for my attack now (as planned) but I don't know what to do with the ships. Should I attack an admin planet ? can you put something in the menu to trash double ships please ?
  • little update !

    we are currently testing the new fleet system its pretty complicated will some fleet functions are bugged and the need to be solved first

    after we think its ready we would like to invite some of you to test it first in test server to be sure all functions are ok but foremost if the doubling is removed from the system

    so we are still working on it so you all know we do the best we can to fix it
    Grtz Corrado
  • We like to get feedback on the new fleet handler

    if you see any fleet doubling ore resources report this asap to us its critical you-report it so we can stop this from happening completely.

    when we are sure the problem is fixed we open a new game whit settings similare to uni12 but first this issue needs to be fixed before we make planes for the future.
    Grtz Corrado