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    • Vmode-lottery

      Hello all

      last week we made some fixes to the lottery and vmode-remove function but to see if the are really fixed we needed to pass some time
      right after the vmode fix the reminder was send to all players in all games telling the players the have 7 days to return to there accounts
      and i wanted to give that to them before i gave all of you the heads-up the accounts would be released from vmode now the 7 days are over and all accounts across the
      games that did not leafed it by there own are now open for u all to attack we just checked all games and there are now no more than 5 players per game that are in vmode :thumbsup:

      lottery also is fixed for some reason the log file that was needed to to reward players when a round is completed was not establish after each round - this log is used once lottery restarts to hand out the prices to the players but when there was only a small amount of tickets sold it was ok but when the lottery had more than 100 sold tickets the log wasn't made and this resulted in no winners.
      we now made some chances and are happy to inform u all that the last 3 rounds of the lottery trough-out al games there was no error :thumbup:

      Still to do:

      next problem we like to solve is the vmode error why some cant and other have no problem going in vmode

      and a small problem whit the spy reports we are pointed to by a player here (thanks for it)
      Grtz Corrado