Server Reset andere why !!!

  • Server Reset andere why !!!

    Hello alle

    Like most of you have noticed by now the server is setback in time by 10 days !! We know this is very long and we like to tell u why we made this decision

    Today when we entered uni12 we noticed there were only 318 accounts and this was yesterday 539 after some searching we also see that of the 318 accounts 50% was in vmode and when looked in the DB I see al of the vmode accounts where also in deletion mode

    When I checked the rest of the games I saw a mother's post of in total 1200+ lost accounts and many more in vmode/deletion resulting in total account lost in the next few days.

    When I investigated bit more I saw the vmode/deletion proces started 14:00 on 10e of februari so to revert all of his work we have now others option than to Roll-Back the game tithe 9e of februari ...

    I know that non of you are happy now but there is a sick mind between you players that is screwed in his mind he takes the time to delete by hand 1400+ or more accounts this person's is clearly sick.

    Restoring to let's say 3 days back isn't going to work will than we have already all accounts in deletion and more than 70% of all the accounts in vmode .

    After all the trouble we have had this begin of the month and now this I can understand you all get sick of it and I can't disagree whit you
    We do our best to make a nice game for u ,we moved to better faster server to provide game whit better hardware for the future and now one sick person is destroying that for all of you.

    We have now disabled the take over page till we found a way to prevent this in the future.
    Grtz Corrado
  • Why do you care about counting i's and v's ? The total number of accounts is NOT interesting.

    Active players - who remained after the crash - were not affected by deletions.

    I have been in the game all week in 9, 12 and 13. There have been NO COMPLAINTS on this forum about unexpected (v) mode, or unexpected deletions. No messages ingame about missing alliance members.. No active accounts disappeared anywhere.. we just started to play again after the big crash two weeks ago. So.. I don't agree with your explanation at all. A lot of players did put their accounts in (v) and put up for deletion.. just after the crash. After some time, these accounts are removed. I think that is what you saw in the logs..
  • corrado wrote:

    Sorry sir have no idea where you like to go Whit your answer

    If the problem comes from account recovery (inative acct's), because of Inactive + vmode,
    I say a method to solve the problem...

    Relatively the problem of accounts lost, u can do a querys for sql to fix that.
    Same like ID's of players, Fleets with acc number, ETC.
    Only those affected by accounts deleted after 8 days were affected, and all "assets" would not be affected.
    It would be fairer, since those who strive daily is the one who deserves your respect.

    • Just my opinion,
    • Sorry my bad english,
    • Mumia.

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  • For 10 days all battles and other things are gone.

    That is for inaktive or v mode players?

    If it is needed to have some inactive players as admin you could add 100 accounts or more what you want.

    And when you reset the server, all my fleet gone. I had fleet all the time but now there is no fleet....

    And also i had 558 point but now 450, lost many fleet and buildings and resources...

    I had these resources and fleets 10 days ago too...
  • Well to be honest with this action more accounts will go into delete...sorry to say corrado but that was the worst case you could have done

    if active people want to delete their accounts because of problems in this game it is their choice and you as owner of the game have to accept those choices, not rollback the server so those accounts get taken out of deletion process

    if it would have been a bug that occured, alright, but not this way, sorry corrado but i don't think someone of this community got access to the ACP and started deleting accounts, if someone had this kind of power he would have slowly pushed inactive planets with ress and farmed them over time ;)

    Your account 25. Feb 2018, 18:16:00 is set to be deleted!

    losing progess of nearly a week just because you don't like how things turned out after the crash is bad for every single active player, hope you'll wake up before it's too late corrado

    AND before i forget corrado: how are you going to compensate people who were in v-mode on February 10 (time of the rollback) !?


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  • first of all no one besides me can enter the admin control panel -- this is the first thing we check when there is a event we investigate all chances made to the acp is logged in a DB.

    The person had no access to any admin part of the game the simply

    -- taken over a account placed it in vmode and set it to deletion loged out of this account and chanced there IP and repeated this process 1200 times
    Grtz Corrado
  • and since you can only take other INACTIVE ACCOUNTS this is a problem for active players on what grounds !?

    and still no answer regarding compensation for people who were in v-mode on February 10 and got back this week

    well my account is set on deletion, i'm pissed of like hell. fleet worth 2.500. metal GONE

    new planets including buildings, defense, ressources...GONE
  • when i kept the game as it was this morning there where 318 accounts of them where around 170 in vmode/deletion

    when we left game like that and removed the times for vmode-deletion we also set players out of vmode that where just not around and the would have lost there fleets and many more -- the return to game and than get to me for compensation but the resources where lost and some one profited from it so how is this fair to any one of you

    we are aware you dislike our decision and that's fine whit so many players there are always other opinions on the matter,we try to do the best for all of you and for the game.
    Grtz Corrado
  • thing is the person how did this started 10 feb and every day he came back and did more and more accounts

    so there is no way to lets say go back 5 days this wont matter wile all accounts are already setup for deletion and in vmode

    The only way to completely revert any of his chances was to go back to this point !! So again i understand what you all say and i would be mad just like you to loose 10 days of progress but this was the only and fair to all players i could do.
    Grtz Corrado
  • i've stayed true to your game for a damn long time, sometimes more acitve. sometimes less but i'm still here after years

    i never left even after a lot of bugs through the years but if there's an unannounced rollback that kills the work of a damn week then we have a problem corrado

    if you had announced that you were doing a rollback people could have taken screenshots and send them to you after the rollback so you could have restored the active players with ease

    if people would have cried after knowing there will be a rollback that would've been their problem for not getting active to be restored to actual level after rollback
  • Hi,..
    Well, i dont get it, why the admins dont try to set back the today status for the active players?
    They do have last DB intact and let say its not a lot of ppl that hang up pn this uni in the last days.
    Only what they have to do is to check a few accounts and restore the status for today.
    My point.
  • OK, let me get this straight...
    - A person, let's call him Jake, goes to and says he wants to start playing with one of inactive accounts
    - Automatic system is letting Jake to do that
    - Jake enters a game, sets resumed (INACTIVE) account in V-mode, and sets account for deletion
    - Jake does that 1200 times.
    - Jake's actions didn't affect any of ACTIVE players
    - corrado goes online, and realizing what Jake is doing
    - corrado deletes 10 days of work for all ACTIVE players
    - corrado thinks he defeated Jake

    - Jake: 1
    - corrado: 0
    - ACTIVE players: -1 (that's minus one)
  • Good evening.

    I'm Top 9 in the fleet and everything disappeared, I want to know what it's going to be like. Besides the fleet that I have not lost my mines. This
    is unacceptable .... It is worse that I see that certain players were not as affected as others, it was not the same for everyone, why?

    When this happened, I had passed Top 30 to Top 29 with building mostly glass mines at level 35.

    I want my fleet things and buildings back.