Accounts Being Pushed in Uni 10

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    • Accounts Being Pushed in Uni 10

      So this guy in Uni 10 just created an account today and is already ranked 15 Overall and has the 15th strongest is NO WAY he was able to build up to that many points on his own plus he is in noob protection so he also wasn't building his fleet off the debris fields from the fleets he defeated. There are actually several accounts that are starting to do this. I understand this server is not super popular but for those of us here playing its still pretty messed up :( . So how do the admins deal with this normally???
      Account name is geraki

      Please and thank you !!!!
    • Hello sir

      since he is still Noob protection he is able to raid all inactive planets sir and since he have protection he dont have to bother about protecting himself
      he don 200 attack and made nice profits so you can see your self

      we cant find proof of him being pushed so accusing him have no ground
      Grtz Corrado