Uni-11 Research speed.

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    • Uni-11 Research speed.

      I feel research speeds in UNI 11 are way too slow. Research should scale with how much resources you have similar to how it does in actual Ogame.

      For example, Weapon technology will take Metal: 230.584.300.921.369.395.200 Crystal: 57.646.075.230.342.348.800. I could produce enough res for that in less than a hour. But it will take me 4d 04h 48m 22s to research? Even with record research lab across most planets and second highest university. I don't find how that makes sense.

      If you do not want to change the research speed I understand, but at least look at the cost to speed up research. 17.5k DM to instantly research something worth less than points is ridiculous. Especially if I spend 25k dm on L7 I can get close to points...
      IG Username: YungRich (uni11)



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    • yes understand sir

      this was caused by the speed upgrade we made when game started !!

      chancing it now would not be fair to them that have upgrade there Tech's using the instant build sir !!

      This is also why we don't chance speeds when a game is started !
      Grtz Corrado