• the answer is simple you tried tamper the system to gain unfair profits - we build in a warning system and you got flagged by the system and your ally mate also so your accounts are closed permanently

      we are sick of all the cheaters and you got bad luck you're the first we caught !!

      this decision is final
      Grtz Corrado
    • Times honestly dear admin we want to hold on to the facts1 I have nix made I have 7,000 attacksHave money in the acc reingstecktAnd was honest where my fleet has doubled2 mackdoc and the other make deff and as simple kapput as nothing is I have sent them evidence and they make nothing I was always honest and have nothing done look at my attacks and everything and then they want to tell me that it is normal with the two exactly ^^I have always played correctly even wrote to them yesterday that I 100Q German by the one cheater have brought and that they can take it. or not ??? I have sent him even spio where he had simply ress which one did not even get together in one year and the normal ^ ^Please tell me once what I have made how should I have any bug?I do not want to mess around here now but what I wrote that they are stupid I'm going back but honestly it is no wonder if you play normally and suddenly we are locked that is not sour?I never betrayed anything wrongPlease for all the corrado play a bewei what I have done wrong all the people really see the cheat