Asteroid planets

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  • Asteroid planets

    Ok this is the plan..

    Corrado spams asteroids planets( not to hit player planets) they stay active for 10-15 min on random places in the uni with a lot of resources on them.

    Resources are also random it can go from 150+T (of each resources ) up to 150+Q it depends on the luck how much u will get,then ppl send recyclers and only with recyclers they can get the resources.After 10-15min asteroids disappear like there was nothing.Spawn time of asteroid planets are random... every few hours.minutes,days they just popup without any notification or anything if u are active and search the galaxy u will find it.If not well u dont get anything.It is possible also to put some DM on them (like 1 asteroid planet in every 100 or something like that) This is only suggestion,so any ideas how to make this working is great.

  • this is mod that all games besides corrado-game haves and sorry but i will not come to us . . . .

    good ideas are always welcome but New ideas not things you miss from where u played before !!

    we like to offer things we for short will offer alone all great mods begone here and later one where copied to other games alike
    Grtz Corrado
  • We really need to find the way to make ppl make fleets. Its so boring everybody doing mine. Why u want to play in a universe x 1000000000000000000 with everybody doing mines xD

    I was thinking, maybe, u can make an script to make (iI) player big mines, like 130-125-125, and big defenses, that u need at least 2Q or 4Q (fleet points) of ifrit to go trught. That will make everybody make an small fleet to farm this (ii), and the game will be more interesting.

    The 2nd option, is complety remove defenses. That will be very cool. All small players could farm big tops if they play a few hours. Will be attack after attacks all the time, so crazy haha :D
  • DrDoom wrote:

    Ok cool no problems,then u should change the name of "suggestions" to " I dont like it and i wont do it" so we all know there is no room for discussion

    Its all good im here playing only to have fun,like the rest of ppl.So when that fun ends im going off (like bunch of ppl before me,and bunch of them will do it after me)

    Yes suggestions are fine but dont come with copy of mod that is in evry game out there look in evry game klist out there and look in 10 ogame/2moons/xnova/xgprotject games i bet that 85% of them have your proposed suggestion.

    when you want to improve game with a mod,think of one your own that's a good suggestion sir -- and on top of it we do have a asteroids mod but this is voted out of the game during setup !!

    so i await your suggestion sir !! hehehe
    Grtz Corrado
  • What is the problem if that is in every other game (if it is idk) u need something to keep new players here to keep playing,yea its good when the new server opens u have 500 acc registered,and after 1 week that number is half after 1 month how many active players are there ?

    How many ppl stay and play,this game needs new,fresh players. I can say easily like u did " so i await your suggestion sir !! hehehe" and that give us what ?!?

    i can laugh also and say buahahahahhahaha who cares anyway,who want to stay here its good the rest if they dont like it then they should quit,there is no improving in this game.

    Over the years same things (u remove some ships,remove bank,remove something something...... then add that things.....) the only thing that is changing is players,cheaters and bugs oh i forgot speed is also changing .....

    Nahhh i dont have any suggestions or anything im done .....