Battle - Quest - Competition. SpinOff

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    • Battle - Quest - Competition. SpinOff

      we did in begin of uni8 a fleet battle and i promised to get back with something but i wanted something new

      the problem is that it shut be something that all player make chance of so no matter if your top 10 or 500 the chance of winning shut be the same.
      so therefore i made this topic to see if you have a idea how we can have some kind of battle/quest/competition where your rank in game doesn't matter.

      i myself thought to reward few player that post battles to the forum -- this improves forum use and is something i find important (just an idea nothing more)

      so pleas when you have a idea try to sell this to a child so everyone here including me Hahah can understand it !!
      Grtz Corrado
    • Hey ... sorry for all the following mistakes ... but it's not my mothertounge :P

      Corrado: Dont know if u just want to reward those, who post their reports in here , or making a big event so i try it with several ideas.

      1. Posting battle reports:

      If u want to get more life in here or in the battlesection it could be nice to reward those(thoose? dunno ... i'll use those), who posts the most interessting story and "maked up" battle.
      So it would be like posting a science fiction with battles. We could use some background infos about how long a player were/was(choose the right and forget the other ^^) hunted before falling and what was to do -- putting this into a story told from the sight of a pilot or maybe an emperor of an empire.
      If u know what I mean.

      Using this would mean, that not only the top fleeters could win a price also those who are creative and lower in the ranks.

      And u could easily repeat it ... like once a week or month.

      U could also do a "story"-reward where u reward just stories. Without any battle or something.

      2. Event

      If u want to do an event u could start again something like "the biggest" but with changings. For example there are 3 groups.

      1. Ranked 1-10
      2. Ranked 11-30
      3. Ranked 31+

      Everybody wants to be a part of this event is fighting in his group. So maybe place 2 is going to destroy about units.
      Would mean for somebody in the 3rd group that he barely can win now. But with this groups he wouldnt challenge against the 2nd.
      Makes it a bit more fair for those in the lower ranks or maybe for the mining ones among us ^^

      Another way could be taking 5 battles ... counting the units as one big and compare it with fleet or total points.
      In this case everybody could challenge everybody but it would be fair, too.

      This would be ideas for a fight-reward
    • You could also have an account which flies around with a lot of resources so people could hunt it, if it's only cargo's and little def that would be doable for everyone butthe likely hood of a top 10 player taking it is very high seeing as they are most active and probably most experienced

      It is very difficult to find something all players will have a chance at winning but i hope people have good idea's ;)