Improved bank

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    • Improved bank

      you know, the bank is fun, having such a shit load of resources is funny xD I think it might have a future in this game if you mange to not make it so terribly OP (over powered)
      for starters:

      1. a bank is not 1 for every planet, it's 1 for every player, that way if someone withdraws their resources they actually have to wait 4 days before they are able to store it again.
      2. Withdraw means everything. not just a small amount of what you have stored
      3. interest is nice, maybe a little less, but interest gets calculated every week not every minute and you have to login at least 6 out of 7 days (only logging in doesn't have to be much) to get the interest.

      - tech level so people can steal *tiny* amounts from the bank (which can be countered by your own tech level).
      - inactive players (more than 21 days inactive) will have their bank deposited on 1 (preferably random) planet.
      - mandatory withdrawal every x time to make sure players don't just hoard resources for years and then finally decide to rocket to the top with an unstoppable lead.
      - new players x% (like 1%) of the highest bank value a player has as start resources, to clarify the player with the highest amount of res on his bank does not lose any it's just a measurement so new players have a good chance of rising to the top 10.

      I think with those changes, it could actually be something we could use and enjoy.

      What do you think? anything I missed?
    • the fact we currently have 1 game whit bank says everything about the future of the "Bank"

      Bank is bad for game ,like you see now in uni3 people store all in bank have no fleet at all the gatherer interest than after 30 dys the build fleet for 1 day attack a little on end of day the trade back for resources and put bak in bank this happened all the time and this was the main reason the timer was added and timer on fleet trader was added.

      So there for i say No to any sort of bank in game -- what is the sport of having all resources in your bank -- i shut be in buildings ore even better in your Fleet so it can be taken down by players but not in a Bank.

      grtz corrado
      Grtz Corrado