Uni8 Settings/Setup Discussion Tread

    • Uni8 Settings/Setup Discussion Tread

      Uni8 Starts -- On Friday the 11e of December 2015.

      We have prepared some settings to show you all here and the are open for Discussion/Suggestions.

      This new game will be the fastest game we have the resources factor will be 2.000 x more than uni7.

      Game will have all ships & all defense including Terro-Drone (plus a new ship that will have no rapid fire from TD)

      - All officers will be removed from the game


      Overall Game Speed X 99.999
      Fleet Speed X 50
      Resources speed X (2.000 x Times Faster than uni7)


      Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 50 %
      Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 10 %


      Galaxys 9
      systems 300
      planets 15


      min planets player 1
      max planets player = No Limit (for each 2 levels of Expedition Research + 1 colony)


      moon chance 20% = light fighter amount
      Jump gate charge 15.min


      Max alliance members 5


      Minimum period of vacation mode 48 hours max 30 days

      - Missiles silo is chanced it can now hold huge Numbers matching
      the game speed


      Officers -- No
      Blueprints -- No

      (updated) Asteroids -- NO
      Bank -- No

      Grtz Corrado

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    • can't we have only modern ships? we have a uni (uni7) with only classic ships, with this resource speed i'd much rather have the new ships as well (so all ships or only new) would be much better if you'd ask me.

      fleet and def to debris both 50%? or 50-40?

      28 planets? why not 25 or 30, much nicer numbers :P (or infinite, just how high you can get your tech), oww yeh! that would be awesome, like lvl 60 is insane, the resources you need for that, so that would count to 30 planets, people might be able to get a little more but oww man that would be nice :D just don't limit the planets, the tech will be the limit :D

      No officers? hmm ok sure but then fleet to debris could be way more since there are no double Death stars. (so 70% perhaps?)

      I love everything else, especially the super speed :D

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    • I like the resources speed. But I agree with Vinny, modern ships with this speed is nicer and more challenging.

      Agreed on planets limit is the tech limit. but then I would propose the system max of 500 instead of 300.

      50% of fleet is fine, 60% would be my max where I can agree on

      Still against high % of def turned into debris, or any %. You can't save your def. It's almost impossible to build some nice def which is worth it.
    • Modern Ships:

      - the fact is modern ships are so powerful that building defense is totally worthless the fly trough any amount of defense whit no losses i don't think there is any sport in this


      Planet count:

      - i do like the idea of No limit so there for i adjusted the first post and added this.
      - i don't see the point why we shut need 499 systems the 300 all game now have is more than enough there are many empty systems when searching trough the galaxy so place enough for the extra colony's


      Defense to Debris:

      maybe its a good idea to set defense back to 10% . . . why you ask ? simple we now in uni7 encourage fleeting and we see in game only fleeter's but no one is a pure miner and this is said will you don't have to like miners but the are also part of this game so think its a good idea to do this and attract some new miners in uni8
      Grtz Corrado
    • with so low Def to debris we could just use the modern ships as well, terror drones will do just fine :)

      we could also chose not to have column thrillers but other ships (especially the ifrits and stuff). In my opinnion it's the CT's that are overpowerd, maybe bahamuts as well. we could try a uni without ct's? :P that might be fun xD

      then again bahamuts + light fighters is a killer combo as well....

      but to get back to 10% debris, you would need 6 attacks and you will have destroyed half of a persons defence, This (as a miner) sounds like paradise xD I wouldn't mind if people have shit loads of ct's then anyway, the best they can do is destroy half my def in 1 day that's something i can live with :)

      10% loss = 90% rebuild

      .9 ^6 (6 times 90% rebuild) = 0,531441 which is just a bit over half. :D
    • No Limit for planets?
      Awesome :D

      I would set the Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack to 0 %.
      Then we could use modern ships,
      because it doesn't make much sense to attack (of there are no ships or ressources).
    • You can destroy every deff with enough ships^^
      But if you are not online everyday,
      it should be possible to protect yourself.
      It must be possible to build big bunkers.

      In the real OGame,
      90% of the unis have the Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack at 0%.
      Why? Because it's awesome.
    • what are the bonuses available if officers are not going to be used?

      speed is good, def into df is good at 10 and better than nothing, ogame unis are rare to have def into debris, not 90% of the uni's are that way like it was mentioned above.

      modern ships being added, depends as the only ship i want to see available is the fast recyclers, the rest i can live with or without. a few of us may come back here and play but will see how this plays out.

      good luck and hope it all falls into place.
    • BTB wrote:

      speed is good, def into df is good at 10 and better than nothing, ogame unis are rare to have def into debris, not 90% of the uni's are that way like it was mentioned above.
      1 of 32 universes at ogame.de has def into debris, you smart aleck.
      3 of 32 universes at ogame.org have def into debris.
      So please tell no crap

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    • @ cadbane hehe there is no crap but far from 90% sir, more like 10% of uni's

      ogame is falling more and more but getting more pay to play players. they lack speed and things like more defense into df and larger fleet to df. but i don't care, seldom play there any more. a group of us played ogame for years, well over 40 and it is down to 3 or 4 occasional players and everyone quits.

      @ vinny. would like to play here again, looks like i may be able too since it will be too cold for being outside on roofs or on scaffolding :p

      asteroids, can't remember their effect or what they did but still have to say it is something different and could be fun, or if they kill me not so much fun :D

      like the bank and INTREST hehe

      should be off that friday or saturday and can play then.