My suggestions

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    • My suggestions

      As i play a game i write down thoughts. Because im new some of these might be bad. Please let me know so i can learn.

      - Document the game, especially how its different from ogame. (new players have it hard enough)

      - Put in FAQ how to delete planets. dont make noobs have to ask everyone how to do it. OR
      make the planet options link say "planet options" instead of jsut being white linking text of the name of the planet.

      - need black background in body. body{background-color:#000;} (it will avoid the white flash we have every page load while the background image is loading. it burns the eyes over time. note the background img will still show like normal afaik.)

      - Instead of auto page loads/redirects, just give us a 'go back' link or 'go here' link.
      I can't see any reason to auto redirect or auto reload the game pages. i hate it every time it does that. never useful. it sucks so much tryign to select your next planet or page and have it auto reload and waste your time (ie. needing to reselect from planet dropdown).
      example: build and research bars refresh page on completion. often it takes 0s to build soemthing. it refreshes to say its started and refreshes again to say its done. all that time you just want to go to the next page but its flashing and reloading so you cant escape until its done!

      - a player-settable default number of zeros in form fields (unit build and send, resource send, simulator)
      so you can chose to have all unit fields start with "000000000000". Also adding shortcuts for 0, k, kk, kkk etc. that sets all fields. k = 000. or a button to add +"000" to end of text fields. There's several ways to do this.

      - bigger unit and resource text fields.

      - we need more links between pages. example:
      battle reports should link to: galaxy and send PM.
      every system could include the link to that system (for copying). a luxury perhaps.

      - Javascript for planet selection dropdown: on hover: expand, on mouseout: hide. this removes 1 of 2 clicks to change planets.
      - assume yourself is attacker in sim (tech wise). (that'll save a click when simming)
      - attack screens: auto focus the forms (submit button?) so you can just hit enter to get through them. (less clicks to raid)
      - allow more than 99 default probes sent. AND/OR
      - detect if you are attacking with all probes and auto select spy mission. (unless these ideas would trivialize espi tech by making it easy.)
      - show player name in spy reports.

      MS bot:
      - crystal cost could be higher. its almost free right now.
      - auto select spend crystal, instead of spend DM. i already wasted 1k DM going fast.

      - system time on every page would be nice. it doesnt have to count down. just to the minute even. (im relying on overview to see the game time.)

      - allow transporting zero resources. (its already a bad FS tactic why make it worse. its a trivial rule that can mess you up in fast action and adds another annoying thing noobs have to learn. In ogame you can trans zero resources.)

      - Incoming log showing attacks against your team. (if too much info, can show after 8 hours old. your whole team could see eachothers' incoming attacks.)

      - ShoutBox! shoutboxes makes games so much fun you just need mods who can mute and delete messages. im talking about a world chat box of sorts. noobs could ask questisons or find teams in it. we could taunt eachother (lightly of course!)

      - message and battle archiving would be really nice. and if you ever need to clear out old atk records you can still save the archives for us. message archiving is good for informational messages, lists of targets, naps, etc.
      Dor20 - UNI7 & UNI8
      Corrado Game Contributer

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    • - need black background in body. body{background-color:#000;} (it will avoid the white flash we have every page load while the background image is loading. it burns the eyes over time. note the background img will still show like normal afaik.)


      felt like i was going blind the first couple days before i mapped everyone out xD
    • - Deleting and renaming planets is the same as original ogame, as i see it

      - You sure the problem is within the css? you've tested it? I would rather think it's server sided or something..

      - I agree with you for 50% about the refreshing. When building something I think it's good when the page refreshes when it's done, see it as a live feedback mechanism. On other parts in game when refreshing (i.e. not enough deut for galaxy browsing, after trading resources, after harvesting resources etc.) it is rather annoying, as you already stated.

      - The 0-issue is just luxury, but I think a "+000" button won't harm the game

      further more you suggest things that require time to develop. Corrado is a solo developer-administrator-godfather-judge person, who also has a (full/part)time job (I assume?) He doesn't allow other developers as it is too risky. As things stay as they are now, your things might be this nice, nothing is going to happen :(

      I already volunteered as co-developer, but the turned it down. Still open for volunteering here.
    • good stuff. thanks for replies!

      shoutbox ingame is bad idea when we have close to that in forum.

      in ogame the delete planet link says (abandon/rename planet). here its just white text "colony" in overview. but it is good that is was put in overview like ogame.

      bare bones improvements are always the best. bug fixes, interface.

      i kinda see the refreshing as a hack to not update the page with ajax. and also to be sure the data is reliable. but what it really is is _forcing_ us to refresh when we should have the choice.

      black background fixed the problem on my site.
      Dor20 - UNI7 & UNI8
      Corrado Game Contributer
    • hello sir

      like mentioned in reply of players this games a single person work and there for things here go slowly - i do have a full time job and once home i have kids and a wife
      so there for i can spend as much time i would like to improve things to the game.

      - i did how ever looked to the back background you mentioned but cant get it to work so i think i look in the wrng place

      - for the abandon -colony button - the most players here do play ogame before so my thought is the will know where to find it

      - and for refreshing you already mentioned it its to avoid cheating hitting f5 or things like it
      the new ogame is compleet ajax based so there no page reloads but since this core of game is 10 years back in time,its not so advanced.
      Grtz Corrado
    • white flash,
      its a problem with chrome when the page takes a while to load (normally due to javascript). theres no problem in firefox. i tried 3-4 chrome extensions that claimed to fix this but to no avail.

      possible sitewide solution: clean up/minify javascipt.

      Good, I see theres no output buffering so the pages are loading bit by bit instead of stalling and comign in one shot. possible fix: put javascript at bottom of page. visible part of page will load faster placed before JS. AFAIK.

      <input type="submit" autofocus />
      could you add auto focus to submit button in page=fleet1
      then you can hit enter on page load without clicking anything.

      is there a wiki set up yet? i've used wikia a little bit and it seems good (and popular).
      Dor20 - UNI7 & UNI8
      Corrado Game Contributer

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    • with premium you can see everyones times that their refreshing pages. and you can know how many seconds since their last page load, more or less. i think seeing someone's planets is good enough to identify activity.

      ninja is a good mechanic that can hurt big fleets and add danger to attacking. it shouldnt be so easy to discern activity.

      i also feel a lack of privacy.

      <SELECT onMouseOut="this.size=1;" onMouseOver="this.size=this.length;">
      makes it expand on mouse in and contract on mouseout. tested in chrome and ff. here's a working test. it kinda flickers if you come at it from the right [in chrome not ff].

      its breaking with touchscreen. you have to detect if user is on mobile and use accordingly. (during php)
      im going to drop the navigation issue for a bit. need to find a clean solution.
      Dor20 - UNI7 & UNI8
      Corrado Game Contributer

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