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  • The harvest mod is simple in use. you hit the planets/moon from where you would like to gather the resources from and than you hit harvest.
    all resources from selected planets/moon than will be gathered on the planet you did the harvest.

    But to ensure the flawless gathering of all your resources there is one key element you always have to do before you harvest.
    you have to go to empire page before each and every harvest you make why ? i explain to u.

    the resources in game are not live updated -- so each time you go to a planet system looks how long it have being that you visited it for the last time
    calculates the resources it shut have produced in that time adds your officers bonus and than updates it in the same time you enter it


    in practice this means . . .when you do harvest and empty all your planets so all planets have zero resources --- now you go offline for 24h when you return
    and go to harvest straight away all your planet are still at zero resources will system did not calculate the production and bonus you have produced in the last 24h

    now can you enter each planet one by one to update but whit games that have 25 colony's this takes to much time, the best way to update all planets is to visit the Empire page
    once before you Harvest

    Grtz Corrado