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  • The Lotto here you can buy tickets to win DarkMatter

    On each new start of the lottery all players get 1 ticket for free from the system - You can buy 50 tickets in total !

    A - The timer shows how long it will take til next lottery drawl.

    B - Shows the amount of soled tickets that are in the pot this drawl.

    C - Shows the numbers in the previous drawl.

    D - Show how many tickets you have ,In this example shows there are 896 tickets bought
    and when buy 1 ticket it cost u 500 Dm when you buy 4 tickets the price chances to 2.000 Dm.

    E - Here you can manually set your own ticket by entering numbers in each box between 1 and 18.

    F - When you don't like to enter tickets by hand you can here randomly make your tickets - add the amount of tickets you would like to create and hit the button.

    G - Here you see what the begin value of each new round.
    H - Shows the begin pot from G combined whit the sold-tickets from B.this will be the amount you can win divided over all the winners in the same pot

    I - Shows how many winners there where in last round for each pot

    J - Shows the player's bought tickets in this drawl.

    Finally when a round is completed All tickets and users are stored in back-up and New round is started when this all is completed the system will pick the winners and deposit the prizes this can take up to 5/10 min.
    Grtz Corrado