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  • Game started and doing well - thank you all

  • Less than 24H for Xenna to open time to join Asap !!

  • So now where almost there !! This Friday we will open Uni Xenna 25-06-22 - 18:00 Gmt+2

  • "The game is open for registration"

  • Hello All We prepared new game that will open 25 June at 18:00 Gmt+2 Below the settings we will use ,and the can be chanced till the day of opening uni Xenna. first mayor chance is the resources production times 100X. Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 40 Resources speed X (Updated X 100) *** Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 50 % Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 0 % *** Galaxys 9 systems 250 planets 15 *** min pla…

  • Jumpgate bug

    corrado - - BUG'S


    Hello sir think your doing it wrong wile i tested to be-sure and works flawless for me and we never have seen this before not working you need to have 2 moons whit a jump-gate to get this to work and your fleet needs to bee on the moon from where you want to make the jump

  • Good morning. like @ILARIA told he was investigated numerous times and we never found any problems on his account and he is by fare the most active player in uni19 * # * Name * Total Time Online * 1 * ILARIA * 3074h:16m:29 so the math is not so hard when you are this much online it is not hard to see he is the nr1 by fare the nr 2 have 700+ hours online. Quote: “I am sure that the error from the vote system was exploited not only by you ” And for this i am sorry to tell u but @ILARIA did report …

  • Quote from Sp!kedJu!ce: “as you can see he has more points in tech than a player who has spent more ress than him. He has Armour Level 101 in only 2 days and his account has only 7 hours of playing with very little resources havested. ” corrected this to same lv as here weapons and shield and now it is ok - we have to investigate what went wrong there. for now we disabled the research Que - we had similar problems in the past and thought we fix it but seems there are still problems whit it.

  • Hey All Almost 100 accounts in 48H We are very happy to see there is still a crowed that want to play here ! thank you all !!

  • Yeahh the new game STYX just opened and is now online for u all to play Join Now !! New accounts get 50.000 Darkmatter to jump start your new Empire !!

  • Account -takeover

    corrado - - General News-And Questions


    We have removed the Account -takeover function. we encountered some unwanted behavior from some players that putted accounts in deletion or set all mines to 0 % so to stop this we had to remove it. its sad this had to be done but it also not good for game when all top accounts are removed or not producing any resources. we have set back all mines across all games back to 100%

  • Yes Its almost time little more than 48H till we open the new game Styx - we hope to see u all there !

  • sorry but this wont happen we think 33 like it is now in all games is enough many players find it to much work specially in the beginning of a game the endless clicking to build up a planet. few may like it but also few don't and i think whit the numbers like it is now all of u have something the like.

  • 1 answer is hole game and hole universe 2 answer is ?? dont know what the qeustion is -long story so please write compact ahah

  • Like told Registration is already open and all new registrations get 50.000 Darkmatter welcome bonus.

  • Hello to u all A Few of u already seen it in the login,the new winter game is open for registration. The new game is called Styx and the game settings are as followed. Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 40 Resources speed X *** Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 50 % (Updated) Percentage of Defense turned into Debris after an Attack 0 % (Updated) *** Galaxy's 9 systems 250 planets 15 *** min planets player 1 max planets player 33 (for each 2 leve…

  • Hello all like title mentioned we closed today uni16 and uni17. both games only have 4 active members in the last 7 days and have only 30 accounts of the 30 accounts 5 are Admin accounts and 5 where in vmode so basically 20 accounts per game. So time have come to say goodbye and forum on the remaining games. And like always to watch out for the new winter game Uni21. (Planned for December)

  • hello sir uni19 is not the best game to start now - i understand your point but that sad you can also start playing in uni20 there the field ir more even. i already told the nr1 in un19 this will happen but he was convinced this won't happen and players still join the game. he played nonstop and made all points honestly but since we don't have a point limit to destarman someone weak or strong there is noting that stops player from outgrow the game and this clearly happened with him his own drive…

  • e have removed the player and the battles from the game, dont think a second rollback is what most of u all want. And yes it is sad that a few players always destroy game for the rest of the gamers - this have been a problem since day one of the game and is something all private servers have.

  • thanks for the watchful eye we banned both and removed all planets and fleet / resources .