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  • hello sir uni19 is not the best game to start now - i understand your point but that sad you can also start playing in uni20 there the field ir more even. i already told the nr1 in un19 this will happen but he was convinced this won't happen and players still join the game. he played nonstop and made all points honestly but since we don't have a point limit to destarman someone weak or strong there is noting that stops player from outgrow the game and this clearly happened with him his own drive…

  • e have removed the player and the battles from the game, dont think a second rollback is what most of u all want. And yes it is sad that a few players always destroy game for the rest of the gamers - this have been a problem since day one of the game and is something all private servers have.

  • thanks for the watchful eye we banned both and removed all planets and fleet / resources .

  • +14 days after launch of TWENTY and 170+ Accounts ingame thank you all for joining and happy gaming

  • 4 Hours and game will launch be there !!

  • numbers are compared with the previous game will all runes in same speed so i pick fleet numbers of the nr10 battle and from there i add or remove fleet. defense is much lower will when this stacks up to much you get planets with insane defense and the can never be attacked so will only grow bigger. and yes the mod places many fleets - this is so that in a later stadium of the game everyone still have something to do in game so when ,your new in game and you work hard you can be in the top 10 ea…

  • Has Corrado Died?

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    Quote from The Truth: “hi just wondering if Corrado is still alive. sent 2 or more tickets in last 2 weeks with no replys. got recys stuck on a fleet going out and not home. its on 13 days now. hope hes not dead regards ” still here and alive and yes missed your ticket what game did you play sir so i can look for u

  • fleet is set back to 6 was mistake used it in testserver so fixed and what about stats what's wrong with it

  • Registration is open for Uni20

  • New Update: Expeditions: - Battle Report link is Fixed - More resources can be found - More fleet found can be found - Little more Dark Matter can be found __________________________________________________________ Moon Destruction: - Harder to destroy a moon - higher chance of Fleet destruction __________________________________________________________ Messages: Player Vs Player messages can now be Muted. toggle next to player name in statistics page. ___________________________________________…

  • When looking to uni19 to statistics and seen how much difference there is between the nr1 and nr 10 we decided to chance the inactive -mod for uni20 (Note: The mod will be activated when game reaches around the 21 days) now the mod places FLEET-DEFENCE-DEUTERIUM in uni20 the mod wil place FLEET-DEFENCE we will place smaller fleets and defence for the beginners/weaker players and bigger for the top10/stronger players this way you have something to do - and we hope all have the chance to grab some…

  • Haha to easy man you make post to brag but not showing anything. Lame when you ask me

  • where are the battle reports to show ? so we know what your talking about

  • Hello all Here the new setup tread of the new uni like always we will report here how game is setup and this remains open till the moment game officially starts so when you have ideas for the new game you can post them here i can promise all ideas can be incorporated but we will do our best. Uni Settings !! Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 40 Resources speed X *** Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 60 % Percentage of Defence turned into Debris …

  • Ai see my mistake haha looked in uni18 and seen the players involved -- also looked to the battle files and legolas (in Vmode) only got attacked by 2 player MoonBot and Drak so that is simple and only used to push his main account Bothe players in uni18 Banned for live

  • Quote from The Truth: “these stats show he has spent 1300Q ress in last 20 hours in fleet. which is the same amount as his whole fleet points as they are. but his fleet points have not changed. So this means he is spending the resources into ships on a low shipyard then cancelling them for the ress after his glitch. he gets the doubled resources back but he cannot cancel the resource ” Hello have to say your wrong on this matter !! Banned-Page -Uni19 here you will see Drak was banned for attacki…

  • Hello sir a lot of info and screens but your explanation is logic for u...... but i don't understand one bit of it

  • Helllo sir forum is a nice way to comunicate but when you want to report a player of braking the rules we have support system and a dedicated spot in the discord server that i try to watch here in forum i look less when i am away from home forum/discord sends me messages on mobile so in short need help send support ticket or report on discord player banned

  • UNI 18 Farming

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    Hello sir yew we increased the rate of drop in uni19 and i will also add the chanced drop rate tu uni18 Np. and for the energy concerned - all inactive players have 1000% increased power for the duration the are inactive when account is active again energy drops back to the building level

  • out of farming

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    thing is even if we would give more resources you will be back here complaining there isnt enough resources for the next lv you want to upgrade. when it is not you there will be another player it have been like this for al time we ar online ,we started at: Resources speed X 3.000 now we are at Resources speed X and still it isn't enough we added inactive resources and now that isn't enough so i see a pattern dont u thing is there will always be a lv you can't reach - we gi…