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  • Hello All We have less than 7 days to go before the new game opens therefore we can tell u all "Game is ready and open for registration" Everyone gets 50.000 DarkMatter to start there new account

  • we uploaded the new file please test and let me know - battelreport still broken

  • last days we being busy testing it but we are still not satisfied with the results and like u all know expeditions take time so the testing is slow preces but wanted to let u know i am still working on it we also try to fix the combat reports made by the expeditions but this seems to be a hard one

  • started to test some chances in the expedition file need to test little more to see if it works and gives no errors fleet is increased and seems to work we let u know when were ready

  • Hello all we are almost at the end of 2020 and therefore we are happy to inform u all that we will open a new game at 11 December 18:00 gmt+1 (11-12-2020) The game will use the same settings as uni17 - uni18 maybe we chance some small details but for now its 100% the same Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 40 Resources speed X *** Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 60 % Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 20 % *** Galaxys 9 s…

  • yes expedition is old like the rest of the game hahaha we stopped the development of the game we keep game online for u all to play we have put so many hours in cheating players that we are done with it we create something new and as a bonus on top of all the work we get someone that only wants to destroy the game and the fun of others . we hoop to keep game alive for some years but in the end we will stop when there are no more players to play the game

  • Trick to trade for Nemesis in one go

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    don't know where you look but in uni18 the preset is set like this below Source Code (7 lines)where 216 is the preset for a lune noir and 231 is the preset for a Nemesis Please let me know if you have any other qeustion sir

  • Trick to trade for Nemesis in one go

    corrado - - Tutorials


    Hey just looked in game but Nemesis is in trader so what's wrong with it

  • Voting reset too early

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    can't help it sir the sites work whit 24H vote rounds - so you can only vote 1 in 24h beginning at 0:00 and ending on 23:59

  • Uni18 (corrupted)

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    Hello sorry for this but we are reversing uni18 back to last night 4;00 server time we don't have the manpower to find all cheated resources and this is the only way to keep game save and cheat free we are sorry this happened and hope to fix it soon. when game is back we will issue a attackban for uni18

  • Join now and grab 50.000 Dark Matter as a welcome bonus.

  • 140 accounts in the new game after little less than 4 days so good start of the new uni18 good luck players of uni18

  • Last 24H Guy's and Girl's tomorrow we will open Uni18 and we frome Corrado-Game hope to see u all there

  • we have opened the game for registration - accounts created before the game starts get 50k DM on there accounts when game starts

  • The game settings are at a great point now we over the highest speed of all existing games now and with no real issues so we keep up this passe

  • Quote from ccxx: “Suggestion.... as debris is 60/20, I think fleeters would like a shorter jump gate recharge timeout... can it be 8 min please ? ” Hello @ccxx Dont see the point of doing this after all the games we hosted here it seems to have worked well for 10+ years so i dont see the need of chancing it right now

  • New game will open on Friday 12 June 2020 at 18:00 GMT+2 we use the same settings we used for uni16-uni17 Overall Game Speed X 99.999 Fleet Speed X 40 Resources speed X *** Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 60 % Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 20 % *** Galaxys 9 systems 250 planets 15 *** min planets player 1 max planets player 33 (for each 2 levels of Expedition Research + 1 colony) *** moon chance 20% = light fighter amount 1…

  • it's time to say goodby to this game. Game is online for 2 years and now there is only 2 players online. i would like to thank you all for playing this game and hoop to see you back in one of the existing games ,or in the new games we open twice a year thank you all grtz corrado

  • Hello to u all we live in strange times now that most countries have closed their borders and most of us have to live inside our homes ! In the battle against the Coronavirus,many of us are bound to their homes, so therefore we have set a bonus on all Darkmatter options of 30% All players get: 25.000 Darkmatter 20 lottery tickets all timers reset Lucky7-Daily-Fleet-trader we like to wish you and your family good health & happiness !!

  • Hello all Important news from our server provider - the planned some work to their infrastructure Quote: “In order to improve the quality of our network we are planning an aggregation switch replacement including a capacity upgrade. During the maintenances we will migrate our rack uplinks to the new redundant aggregation switch environment. The maintenance will be spread over 3 maintenance windows, the timeframes for these are as follows: - Wednesday February 5th between 08:00 CET and 10:00 CET.…