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  • Like the tittle says ,want to check with you all how you would like the idea to enable asteroids in un8 the mod have downsides for sur the can destroy very expensive buildings and this can be seen as unwanted for sure the positive is it gives an extra element to the game you need to guard your planets/moons but for guard them you will be rewarded with deut and of darkmatter read here the instructions on how to handle them for the gamerzz that did not see them befor…

  • maybe a idea is to exclude the highest metal-crystal-deut mine a player haves so the - so that the mod dont destroys one of theses 3 mines just a extra idea for the mod

  • the mod is adjustable and i keep times a secret but in the older games the mod attacks 150 inactive planets a day this is 150 times inactive only the same amount for active players and all attacks are spread over the whole day so every time of the day there is something to find

  • yes that's true but first lets see how the poll end's while this will tell us if it's necessary to discuss the function of this mod or we can regard it compleet

  • ok looks like a small win for yes !! we will set the mod up in test game with same speeds and tweak the mod so it fits uni8 speeds and planet counts more info soon to come