Server Down

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    • Server Down

      Hello All

      we're glad we're back we have had a monstrous job to get all back with as little loses as we could !

      current state game is in now is 28-05-2017 --- 4:33 (night time) this was the last uncorrupted backup we have all backups made later than this point
      where useless.

      cause of this problem lies in the processor and this taken long time to find and many phone calls to the server provider but the keep saying the problem was in my part
      but this morning the swapped processors and from that point on i have been continuously trying to keep things back and now we finally done it !!

      so we're back but there is still a lot to do so please be patience thre will be a server wide attack ban for now !!

      i have to go outside now need to do some shopping to eat something my live have stopped since yesterday morning :cursing: :cursing:

      in few hours will be back and resume restore

      thats it for now guys and girls

      Grtz Corrado
    • Darkclone wrote:

      i know corrado you do what you can.

      it would be fine when you inform us early on your facebook page so that we all know what's going on.
      Yes you're right i totally forgot to do that but have to say i tried everything to get back online and it was time consuming
      and i had in my head forum was down so thre was no way to inform u but forgotten the FB account hahah
      Grtz Corrado