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  • Vote Reward

    The vote reward is given to the dedicated voters among us - we keep track of the daily voters and reward them when the reach predetermined goals we set in the begin of each month.

    The system tracks every player in game and tracks his or her votes during the month - this way it is not possible to benefit from votes other players make,when you don't vote you won't get the bonus !!

    so it's simple -- when you don't get the bonus in-game at the end of the month you did not Vote enough for us !!
    The outcome of the vote results are nonnegotiable !!


    To get the reward we need to get the next vote on all 3 sites displayed below

    200 votes on all 3 sites = 25.000 DM

    400 votes on all 3 sites = 50.000 DM

    600 votes on all 3 sites = 75.000 DM

    800 votes on all 3 sites = 100.000 DM

    1000 votes on all 3 sites = 150.000 DM


    so pleas wen you see this image in-game then you have a vote option available pleas take the few seconds needed to vote
    it will bring new players to us and on end of the month it will bring u personally a nice bonus.

    grtz corrado
    Grtz Corrado
  • Hello All

    yes we finished February already and we are Happy whit the results

    we reached 3 goals all site were above the 600 votes ,so we will give the players that voted
    throughout the hole month 150.000 DarkMatter.

    like away's keep voting we need them to attract new players to the games ,you get the bonus corrado-game the new users win win for the both of us !!

    DM given YES
    Grtz Corrado